Burn Gorman Returning


Gorman confirmed his return for season 4 of Game of Thrones this past week at DragonCon.  If you didn’t notice Gorman in season 3, he played the part of Karl, a Nights Watchmen who took part in the mutiny at Crasters Keep.

I’m really looking forward to how the show writers will be taking Gorman’s story.  As a book reader there are a lot of open holes for theses characters story, as none of the characters who stayed at Crasters Keep are give a POV,

Along with Gorman, Luke Barnes is also confirmed to be returning for his role as Rast, the much hated Nights Watch deserter who killed the Lord Commander, Jeor Mormont.  Check out my article on Luke Barnes returning here.

I have a few predictions of what the story lines of Gorman and Barnes will be in season 4, but I’ll save those for another post.