Inside "Book of the Stranger"

Once again, we return to bring you all the bonus videos for the newest episode of Game of Thrones, titled Book of the Stranger.  As always we have an Inside the Episode with showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss. As well as Emilia Clarke, Iain Glen, and Michiel Huisman on speaking on Danaerys.  Also Natalie Dormer and Finn Jones on the Tyrells in Confinement.

Inside the Episode

Daenerys: The Unburnt

The Tyrells in Confiemnet

We also have one clip from this weeks episode, titled Stark Reunion.

Stark Reunion

After the Thrones: "Oathbreaker"

With each new episode of Game of Thrones we also get a new episode of Inside the Thrones, HBO's official recap show.  This week we have three short clips from the episode.  The first discussing Osha and Rickon.  The second is discussing the flashback scene at the Tower of Joy.  And the last video is on the Prince that was Promised.  

Osha and Rickon

The Tower of Joy

The Prince that Was Promised

Inside "Oatherbreaker"

Go inside this week's episode of Game of Thrones - entitled athbreaker  - with these official HBO featurettes.  As always we have a Inside the Episode with showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss.  As well as a video with Peter Dinklage, Nathalie Emmanuel, and Jacob Anderson titled Assessing an Outsider.

Inside The Episode

Assessing an Outside

Also, we have two clips from the episode:  Arya's Training, and Daenerys Walks with the Dothraki.

Arya's Training

Daenerys Walks with the Dothraki

Inside "Home"

This week, we have three bonus feature videos for the latest episode of Game of Thrones, titled "Home".  Just like always, we have an Inside the Episode video, with showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss. As well as a video with Lena Headey and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau discussing Cersei. And finally Tom Wlaschiha talking about Arya's second chance.

Inside the Episode with David Benioff and Dan Weiss

Lena Headey & Nikolaj Coster-Waldau - A Shadow of Cersei

Tom Wlaschiha - Arya's Second Chance

Inside "The Red Woman"

After the premiere of season 6 of Game of Thrones, HBO took to their Youtube account and released some bonus material for the episode.  Just like usual the videos collected an "Inside the Episode" with show-runners David Benioff and Dan Weiss.  Although, unlike normal we do not have a video with George R.R. Martin, the author of the book series.  Maybe it has to do with the show diverging, and passing, the book series.  

As always, some of these videos contain spoilers if you have not watched the episode, "The Red Woman".  But for those of you who have watched the episode, enjoy the videos!

Inside the Episode with David Benioff and Dan Weiss

Ian Glen & Michiel Huisman - Putting Daenerys First

Emilia Clarke & Joe Naufahu - A Widow's Future

Daenerys meets Khal Moro - Episode #1 Feature Clip

As always leave your thoughts on this episode in the comments below.  

Game of Thrones Will Be at Least Eight Seasons

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Michael Lombardo, HBO's programming president, announced that Game of Thrones would run to at least season eight.  Originally David Benioff and Dan Weiss, the showrunners, had declared that season seven would be the end.  However now it looks like that isn't the case at all.  Lombardo said this:

Seven-seasons-and-out has never been the [internal] conversation.  The question is: How much beyond seven are we going to do? Obviously we're shooting six now, hopefully discussing seven.  [Showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss are] feel like there's two more years after six.  I would always love from them to change their minds, but that's what we're looking at right now. 

Of course this doesn't mean the show has been green lit for the eight seasons.  But it is reassuring to hear that the option is now being talked about.  

In the interview with Lombardo, he was also asked about the possibility of doing a prequel series.  This is what he said to that:

I would be open to anything that Dan and David wanted to do - about Game of Thrones, or any subject matter.  It really would depend fully on what they wanted to do.  I think you're right, there's enormous storytelling to be mined in a prequel, if George and Dan and David decide they want to tackle that.  At this point, all the focus is on the next few years of the show.  We haven't had any conversations about that at this point.  

Isaac Confirms the Return of Bran

In a recent interview with the Irish Examiner, Isaac Hempstead-Wright confirmed his return as Bran Stark for the sixth season of Game of Thrones.  Isaac said:

I can’t say a lot but I am back this season, and it’s going to get particularly interesting with Bran. He has some interesting visions.

Now this should come as no surprise, since we already had Dan and David's plan for Bran laid out before the start of the fifth season.  When Benioff talked to Entertainment Weekly, he explained Bran's absence from the fifth season by saying:

Like, it would be far less interesting, after The Empire Strikes Back to have an hour-long movie in between Empire and Return of the Jedi where Luke is training.  It’s so much cooler to cut from end of Empire to begging of Return, where he’s become the Jedi.